Currently: Ruth Deutschmann turned

in summer 2010 as part of the series

"Paths of Pleasure"

(Co-production of ORF, cinnabar, film,

Seppia Film, SWR, HR, WDR)


Documentary about the Alpine Trail Millstatt in Carinthia and the cheese road in Vorarlberg.

"Paths of Pleasure is a follow-up series of

"Rivers of the delights and 

"City of Pleasure", during which Ruth Deutschmann

in recent years, more than

ten documentaries shot has inter alia also a two-parterthe Inn and Innsbruck.

Ruth Deutschmann




expire after a few years working in civil engineering from 1979, photography, radio and film. From 1981film director, writer, free employee of the ORF (culture, religion, science, family andEntertainment), realization of many documentaries and television reports, from 1995 construction of the AustrianWitnesses archive, passionate collector of memoirs, development of new forms of presentation in Terms of time history, always looking for new challenges. Born in southern Styria, lives and works in Vienna, Graz, Innsbruck.