Albert Brecher, 2008 © Ruth Deutschmann
Impression Haus Schwabl, 2008 © Benjamin Epp

"An old person dies,

burning a whole library"



(African proverb) 


The first of the Tyrolean Chonisten who have entrusted us with their life stories in 2008 for the virtual house are no more.



Anton Rogl


* 08 10th 1921, Kals - died 08th 05th 2009, Kals am Großglockner

"Is not it nice when a clock strikes? Because life is inside. And the same is - everything, attacking what should be done with love. We should be there, even if you do not like it does with all my heart. Because everything else is bad, wrong, or does nothing .... If the bees is the same. Or in the economy. ... As a cobbler sitting on an armchair and has, in certain works much opportunity for reflection .. "
Anton Rogl in conversation with R. German man, 25.08.2008


Kommerzialrat Heinrich Auer


* 01 07th 1909 Innsbruck - died 14th 02. 2009, Innsbruck
Carpenter, retired

"What do I with you on the way there? To be Catholic to live in this sense. Catholicism great content, but not everything has worked out just as it should be. You have a stop somewhere. A right fit."Henry R. Auer talks with German man, 12.05.2008

em. o. Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Robert J. Muth


** 01 01. 1916 Innsbruck - died 25 11th 2008, Innsbruck
From 1958 to 1987 professor of classical philology at the University of Innsbruck

"To the death I think a lot. I hope he comes just as the Holy Scripture presents to us. I think a lot of it. I just hope for a good hour of death. The point is, at the end of life, in the vicinity of the death, a conscious love to have with God. This is not easy, because God is quite alien beings. But we should strive to stop.I've got it so easy: If such a beautiful life - had freed the military from military service, was able to take a job, which he originally wanted to do and not who has the job but then met me, who has many friends - all this leads me on a tour of God back and am very thankful to God. This hour of gratitude and remorse for missteps, I'd stop in the hour of death have. "
Dr. Robert J. Muth in conversation with R. German man, 19/08/2008