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As an addendum Interreg III project was the "Virtual House of History | Tyrol | South Tyrol" an initiative through the Tyrolean commemorative year 1809 -2009. It was made for the inclusion of 30 women and Tyrolean Tyrolese from South-East and North Tyrol, a selection of stories with biographical content.


Present the first milestone, "Visual History" as a model for "story of stories" with video clips, is reached.


It continues to be built, the windows on multilingualism are ready to be installed, access via Schuch functions close to completion. Additional floors are added and expand horizons. The view is to condense into a kaleidoscope of "collective memory".


With each new facet personal stories weave colorful patterns into existing historical images.Meanwhile, historians have been 48 with 800 video clips in the "Virtual Museum of History І І South Tyrol was added.Many stories of gifted storytellers Tyrolean are still buried treasures as witnesses in the camp of the Austrian archives. The video tapes are some so old that the dubbing has become necessary for backup.Twenty-five samples from this fund can be found under "History meets future / Projects" www.1809-2009.eu read.


What is here being only in written form and as samples can be checked in advance is to be integrated fully and clearly in the virtual house in the foreseeable future.